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High-Quality Steel Wire Springs

Find long-lasting, reliable steel wire springs to meet your manufacturing specifications. We create quality products with durable wire forms. We specialize in garter springs and compression springs, and we also manufacture torsion springs and extension springs. As a seasoned spring manufacturer, we draw on our extensive experience to provide you with a wide array of metal springs.

Materials Include:

Stainless Steel Galvanized Steel Hard-Drawn Wire Brass

Our springs are often used in seal manufacturing for the train industry, vacuum cleaner manufacturing, oilfield products, and coffee makers, as well as greeting cards that have small springs inside. Not many companies manufacture garter springs because the material used is very small. The material ranges from .008 to .047 in size.

Expertly Crafted Products

Take headaches out of your manufacturing process with our help. We are an experienced spring manufacturer, and we craft specialized springs to meet your exact requirements. Our innovative facilities utilize high-end coiling and forming machines along with automated CNC equipment, so there's no need to worry about the quality of our products.

Affordable Springs & Wire Forms

Our staff is highly skilled. We have extensive knowledge regarding stress, corrosion, and other factors that may interfere with spring performance, and we utilize our wealth of experience to design durable and versatile springs. If you're unsure what type of spring you need, we provide design assistance. And there's no need to worry about affordability; at York Spring Company, custom doesn't have to mean costly.

Manufactured Spring Products

Garter & Extension Spring Specification Options

  • Material Type
  • Wire Diameter
  • Coil Diameter OD & ID
  • Loads
  • Free Length
  • Deflected length
  • Assembled Inside Diameter

Torsion Spring Wire Form Specification Options

  • Material Type
  • Wire Diameter
  • Coil Diameter OD & ID
  • Leg Angles
  • Leg Length
  • Working Angles
  • Special Ends & Angles

Compression Spring Specification Options

Diagram of Spring Products
  • Material Type
  • End Type
  • Wire Diameter
  • Coil Diameter
  • Free Length
  • Deflected Length
  • Total & Active Coils
  • Solid Height
  • Loads